Top creative digital agency Nafuna brands Hivos video

Women In Leadership


Top creative digital agency Nafuna brands Hivos video for Women in leadership and influential positions is the focus of the Women Empowered For Leadership (WE4L) program. Hence, this program is managed by Hivos in collaboration with partners in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jordan, and Lebanon.  Nafuna was asked to help explain the WE4L program and some of the work it is achieving in a simple manner.


Nafuna uses a combination of motion graphics and 2 dimensional (2D) character animation. In order to bring the story of women in leadership to life. We use animated charts and statistics as these are more pleasing to watch. Then, a number of scenarios involving animated 2D characters are also included in order to further highlight the client’s concerns. In the end, our product ticked all the client’s checkboxes which are executed in a visually compelling way.


Hivos was founded in 1968, inspired by humanist values. The founders held the conviction that development work should be secular. Accordingly, true cooperation presumes respect for differing beliefs. In the first-ever brochure,  founders wrote that “necessary changes should spring from communities themselves – from people at the base of society.” Therefore, these convictions are still reflected in the work.


Hivos works for a world where people realize their full potential. Also, unleash their ingenuity and creativity. Again, to build fair, just, and life-sustaining societies for themselves and generations to come. Furthermore, the mission is to amplify and connect voices. Moreover, these voices promote social and environmental justice and challenge power imbalances. Consequently, they particularly empower marginalized rightsholders to raise their voice and demand freedom of choice.

Hivos supports the development of alternative solutions to deep-seated problems. So, that individuals and communities can make responsible and equitable choices within political and economic systems. Systems that serve their needs and preserve the planet. Additionally, Hivos connects people and organizations offering alternatives to those looking for solutions.