Top Creative studio in Zimbabwe Nafuna brands MMM animation

Top Creative studio in Zimbabwe Nafuna brands MMM animation

“why COVID-19 Test Is The Key to Get Back to Normal in Zimbabwe.”

Top Creative studio in Zimbabwe Nafuna brands MMM 


Top Creative studio in Zimbabwe Nafuna brands MMM video displays in this animation how Local Health Centres should conduct regular tests. Thus all people who live, study, or work within their communities should test for COVID-19. Hence it should be done so that we can identify and isolate those who may have COVID-19. Moreover to help prevent its spread and keep track of the rate of COVID-19 infections within communities. Therefore the video advises people to test. That’s why the Nafuna brands  Animation studio MMM video shows an animation of how  MMM COVID-19 Laboratories are used successfully worldwide to test for COVID-19. Consequently, the goal is to make it easier for everyone to understand the COVID -19  test process in Zimbabwe.

Top Creative studio in Zimbabwe Nafuna brands


Top Creative studio in Zimbabwe Nafuna brands in Zimbabwe,  uses a traditional and joint effort approach. Covid 19 is personified and it explains to the audience how it functions. Therefore it explains ways people can avoid infection of the COVID-19 virus animated character. Additionally,  a scientific health vocabulary is reduced to everyday speak between and amongst a doctor, a nurse, random patients, and a visualizing the actual COVID-19 test process and tools that are used in Zimbabwe.

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MMM  operates worldwide as one of the top system providers in the service of health since 1954.

Accordingly, with a full portfolio of products and services about sterilizing and disinfection systems for hospitals, scientific institutes, laboratories. Thus, The pharmaceutical industry MMM’s position is a crucial quality driver. And it is therefore an innovator in the German and international markets.

MMM is a family-operated company that combines tradition with innovative prowess.
Also, within 65 years, this ideology transforms the MMM Group from a small, regionally orients craft enterprise into an international complete provider. Furthermore, it is a  problem-solver for individuals, tailors solutions for sterile goods processes.


MMM GROUP IS “Top Employer in Medium-sized Businesses 2021”

The MMM Group was awarded as “Top Employer in Medium-Sized Businesses 2021” by, the leading online job exchange for medium-sized businesses in German-speaking countries.

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