Leading Animation studio in Zimbabwe, Nafuna brands Ministry of Health animation


Many social and behavioral factors moderate the impact of communication during crises. The Ministry of Health and Child Care realized that stress can affect information process and uncertainty and that people may not hear, nor remember, or misinterpret information that is packaged in a lecture format yet lots of critical guides still need to be made available to the population to combat the spread of COVID-19.


Leading Animation studio in Zimbabwe  Nafuna brands developed a fun to watch, local language-based video. It is a non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI) Explainer Video Series for COVID-19 Communications.

These are part of entertaining and yet also effective in communicating. Hence, increase compliance to protective behaviors necessary to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Its approach is a multi-age audience-friendly animated video. Thus  Corporate Brands support the video and play their part to deliver the message.

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The overall purpose of the Ministry of Health and Child Care is to promote the health and quality of life of the people of Zimbabwe. In following this, the Ministry of Health and Child Care commits to equity.


Additionally, the Ministry of Health and Child Care seeks to achieve equity in Health and targets resources and programs to the weakest and needy in our society. Also, the Primary Health Care approach is to be the main strategy for health development.


Priority Health problems are identified and resources are targeted to ease the problems. However, the Ministry seeks to provide high-quality care which is available and suitable.

Health Promotion Programmes

This prioritizes Health promotion and disease prevention. In summary, the Ministry of Health and Child Care aims:

  • To keep as many people as possible in good health in the Community.
  •  Provide appropriate quality services for those needing care in the community.
  • Also, provide high-quality hospital services at the appropriate level for those requiring that form of treatment and care.


In pursuing these health objectives the Ministry of Health and Child Care will:

  • Ensure value for money through useful and efficient services.
  • Plan and manage its resources effectively.
  • Form strong links with the community at all levels in the delivery of appropriate health services in acceptable ways.
  • Mobilize more resources for the Health Sector whilst ensuring their optimum utilization.