Nafuna, leading digital agency in Harare works with Econet

Post Paid Services Promotional Ad


Econet Wireless wanted to boost its postpaid cellphone contract services package. A brief showcase would build interest to produce leads by the leading digital agency in Harare.


Nafuna, a leading digital agency in Harare, developed a 60 second Catalogue-like Ad. It emotionally pointed out the cell phone devices available in the Econet Premium Package. In addition, we walked through the audience the value propositions of each package option.

Who is Econet Wireless?

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited is the largest mobile telecommunications, technology, and digital solutions company in Zimbabwe.

Now among the top three heavyweight counters; the company was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) in September 1998. Above all, that was less than three months after launching its commercial operations in July 1998.

Over the past 20 years Econet – which is by far the market leader in its industry with over 12.4 million connected customers. In addition, Econet has invested millions of US dollars in rolling out the widest and most powerful 2G, 3G, and 4G networks in the country.

In other words, through its solid asset base, strong leadership, and smart investment in talent. Furthermore, Econet has consistently led in innovation, product development, and service delivery. In addition to enabling it to maintain and strengthen its market leadership position.

The company was the first to launch 3G services in 2009. First to successfully launch mobile money services in 2011 under the name EcoCash. The first to launch mobile 4G in 2013, and the first to launch mobile insurance (EcoSure).

So successful have Econet’s financial technology services been that in December 2018. The company successfully spun off its fintech businesses, to give birth to Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe Ltd, now a leading counter on the ZSE.

After that, Econet has built a broad distribution channel network throughout the country. Which has created employment for tens of thousands of Zimbabweans. This greatly contributed to the country’s public finances through taxation and various levies.

The company has, for over 20 years, supported social impact programs in education, and public health. Furthermore, its youth leadership growth mainly through its annual grant to Higherlife Foundation; which has impacted over 250 000 orphaned and vulnerable children.