Animation Studio Nafuna brands Somesha Video

Animation Studio Nafuna brands Somesha Video

Product Brochure Overview


Animation studio Nafuna Brands worked with Somesha is an education social enterprise from Zimbabwe. Our studio’s task was to build the brand from the ground up with design and brand manual work to kickstart the process. We eventually went into video and animation production to help the brand pitch itself to potential investors.


Animation studio Nafuna Brands put together a brand manual, logo mock-ups, 3D image illustration for the brand, and realistic 3D animation product explainer video. Somesha needed an entire brand manual and brand strategy document created which included logo designs, color palettes, and more. Therefore, these were translated into animation by the studio using cutting-edge 3D animation and visual effects.

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About Somesha

Somesha is a platform that moves education forward because most schools are still using the traditional education system which is inefficient in and out of touch with the current challenges.

Hence Somesha creates tools that transform growth and make education uses of the best and latest technology.

This is done because better education systems equal better societies. Thus with Somesha’s passion for technology, they seek to create and build educational software for a better tomorrow


Additionally, Somesha joins hands with great teachers that will enable them to transform nubile minds for the better. Somesha prides itself in partnering with clients in fulfilling their vision which intern brings their dreams to reality.