Netherlands & Nafuna, 3D animation studio in Harare.

WhistleBlowing Lockdown Ills


As Zimbabweans retreated inside homes due to lockdown measures introduced to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports showed an alarming increase in the already existing pandemic of violence against women. The Netherlands Embassy tasked Nafuna, 3D animation studio in Harare, to bring awareness to this event as well as assist with resources to help in the event of an incident for victims.


Nafuna made a documentary to aid victims, policymakers, and law enforcement. Focusing on the silent scourge that is violence against women during the lockdown. The areas of focus included Medical attention soon after an event, Prevention of pregnancy and disease. Other elements are timeous collection of evidence for future legal processes and  early reporting where an incident has occurred (within 72 Hours ideally). In addition to, highlighting the availability of victim-friendly services in Zimbabwe. Lastly statistics of Gender-Based Violence during COVID-19 Lockdown.

Impact of the Lockdown in Zimbabwe

Soon after African countries forced lockdowns trying to contain the spread of Covid-19. News reports came out that showed populations feared hunger more than the virus itself. Yet, at the same time in Zimbabwe, the government made use of the opportunity to push through reforms of informal markets. They were making no attempt to warn vendors whose stalls were intimidated.

Various civil society actors have shown that both the pandemic and government measures heavily affect informal workers. They lose their livelihood due to lockdowns; the slowing need for their services and products in complex international value chains. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has shown that social protection systems will fail on a global scale to safeguard the lives.